Our Stories

Day 3


It was mid afternoon on the third day when we all heard a squeal followed by a loud splash. Sierra was in the water! We turned accusatory eyes towards Dawson…


“Don’t look at me!” He glared back at us angrily. “I didn’t touch her!”


From below, we heard Sierra call out to us, “He’s telling the truth guys! I thought I saw something in the water and leaned too far over the railing to look at it. Then I fell over.”


“But no worries! I’m okay!” She grinned up at us. Then we all gasped when we saw what was behind her in the water…it was a great white shark!

Our Stories

Day 2


Right away, we all found out Dawson was a bit of a jerk.


We knew he had a bad temper but for some reason he really disliked Sierra and proceeded to scare her whenever he had a chance.


He even threatened to throw her overboard!


Sierra loved the ocean just as much as the rest of us, but she also feared it. And for good reasons.

Our Stories

Day 1

Screenshot(Taken at the docks in Miami, FL)

Screenshot-2(Lowell steering our rental yacht – The Sea Siren)

Screenshot-3(On the top of the yacht)

Screenshot-7(Not far from the coast – a rainbow)

Screenshot-6(Ellis tried to make hot dogs…and failed miserably)

Screenshot-5(But apparently Sierra will eat anything)

Screenshot-4(We caught a glance at our first shark)

Screenshot-8(More sharks…wonder what else we will see)

The Crew

The Eighth Adventurer

Screenshot-5(Taken at the bistro in Miami, FL)

Name: Sierra Miller
Age: 22
Zodiac: Virgo
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Career: Line Cook
Favorite Food: Lobster
Favorite Color: Lime Green
Favorite Music: Pop

About me: My grandmother says I have a green thumb. I can make almost anything grow…out of love and nurture. And water, of course. LOL. I’ve surrounded my house with just about every type of flower that is known to man. I just love planting new things in my gar…wait, what was I talking about again? I’m kinda absent-minded at times. LOL. Anyways, I also love to cook. And to eat. LOL. But who doesn’t?

The Crew

The Seventh Adventurer

Screenshot-6(Taken at the beach in Miami, FL)

Name: Jared Davis
Age: 23
Zodiac: Scorpio
Location: Sacramento, California
Career: Lifeguard
Favorite Food: Stew
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Music: R&B

About me: I’ve been a lifeguard at the beach since I was 17. I like being a hero…I’ve saved many lives. It’s a great feeling. But not as great as dozing off under the glare of the hot sun. I love to sleep. I could sleep anywhere at anytime…I never feel like I get enough. I’m always tired. Between working out and my job, I stay pretty busy. But at least I have the muscles to show for it. My last girlfriend told me I was a cheapskate…I don’t see anything wrong with saving a little money here and there. So I clip coupons and keep the lights turned off if I’m not using them…what’s the point of wasting money if you don’t have to?


The Crew

The Sixth Adventurer

Screenshot-9(Taken at the waterfall in Miami, FL)

Name: Ellis Parker
Age: 27
Zodiac: Libra
Location: Topeka, Kansas
Career: Produce Quality Assesor
Favorite Food: Cheese-steak
Favorite Color: Gray
Favorite Music: Indie

About me: For a brief time in my life, I had a job I was proud of. I was a firefighter and I loved the thrill of it, but it made my mom worried sick. Eventually I had to quit so she could sleep at night once more. Fortunately, making people laugh is something else I enjoy doing. I even used to do a stand up routine at one of the clubs in town but it didn’t really pay the bills. I had to take a part time shift at the grocery store to help make ends meet. I still do stand up occasionally…when I can find the time. And I happen to throw the best parties around here. Keggers, toga parties, bonfires, etc. You name it…I’m your guy.

The Crew

The Fifth Adventurer

Screenshot-3(Taken at the art gallery in Miami, FL)

Name: Madison Bishop
Age: 26
Zodiac: Aries
Location: Salem, Oregon
Career: Finger Painter
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Music: Geek Rock

About me: I have a great sense of humor. I like to laugh and make others laugh. Painting is my hobby. I’m pretty good at it. Back home, I actually had a painting of mine featured in the local in art gallery. It was great. And when I’m not painting on a canvas…I’m spray painting murals on the sides of buildings. But only at night…when no one can see me. The cops will never catch me, no matter how hard they try. Guess I’m a bit of a rebel. I love sticking it to the man. No one has authority over me…except myself.